Editorial Policy

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Welcome to Spine and Performance! We’re all about making sure everyone can fit yoga and fitness into their lives to improve spinal health, even if you’re super busy like us. Maria and Claudia, our founders, have loved yoga for years. It’s their hobby, not their job, and they’re here to share all the cool stuff they’ve learned about keeping your spine healthy and strong.

Content Creation

When we put together articles and posts, we use info from really smart and trusted sources like big health organizations and experts in stuff like chiropractic care and physiotherapy. We always make sure to tell you where we got our info from, so you know it’s legit. Maria and Claudia have been into yoga and fitness for a long time, but remember, they’re not certified experts; they’re just really passionate about it. They’ve learned a lot from professionals over the years and want to share all the tips and tricks that have worked for them.

Editorial Review Process

We check everything we write super carefully to make sure it’s right, it makes sense, and it fits with what we believe at Spine and Performance. We have a team that looks over everything, and they make all the needed tweaks to make sure it’s perfect. Plus, if we’re talking about health or exercise stuff, we double-check with actual health pros to get a thumbs up. We want to make sure everyone feels included, so we try to share stories and advice that everyone can relate to and feel good about.

Accuracy and Accountability

We’re really careful about checking the facts in our articles. We want you to trust what you read here. If we mess up, we fix it fast and tell you what we changed. We also keep our stuff up to date, so it’s always fresh and helpful.

Ethical Guidelines

Everyone who writes for us has to be honest about any deals or connections they have that might make their advice a bit biased. We really care about keeping things private and safe, so we always ask people if it’s okay to share their stories. We also make it super clear if something’s an ad, and we keep that stuff separate from our regular advice and stories.

Transparency and User Engagement

Our team is made up of people who really love fitness and editing, including Maria and Claudia. You can learn more about them and the rest of the crew on our website. We really like it when you guys talk to us, tell us what you think, or let us know if something doesn’t look right. You can drop us a comment, hit us up on social media, or send us a direct message.

We also work hard to make sure everyone can read and enjoy our content, no matter what. So, that’s the scoop on how we do things around here. Spine and Performance is all about sharing our hobby and helping you find fun ways to stay fit and look after your spinal health. Come hang out with us and learn some cool new things to try at home or with friends!

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